Portable Type Penetration Vane Tester

Tough vane which was designed full of a theory and the limits of the practical useI

Portable type Penetration Vane Tester DO-16m
Manual strain contrl, Single tube design model for field test

Application:In-Situ shear strength measurement of soft cohesive soil
Effective measuring depth: 5m

P Vane: Hardened, High strength steel made
1) Vane 50 x 100mm (Rod: Dia.16x250 + Dia.12x100mm): 1pc.
2) Vane 30 x 60mm (Rod: Dia.16x250 + Dia.12x100mm): 1pc.
2.Rod for friction measurement (Dia.16x250 + Dia.12x100mm): 1pc.
3. Friction reducer: 1pc.
4. Extension rod: Stainless steel made: 50cm 9pcs., 45cm 1pc.
5. Cone: 30deg. 3.23cm2@(1pc.), 30deg. 6.45cm2 (1pc.)
6. Protractor: 1pc.
7. Anchor of protractor: 3pcs.
8. Angle indicator: 1pc.
9.@Push/Pull handle: 1pc.
10. Head & Hammer: 1pc.
11. Torque detector
T23N: Capacity 3to 23N*m, 0.5N*m/scale (1pc.)
T45N: Capacity 5 to 45N*m, 0.5N*m/scale (1pc.)
12. Accessory: 1set
200mm Monkey wrench, Open-ended spanner for extension rod, Carrying case