Portable Type Double Tube Penetration Vane Tester

1. This vane tester is double tube penetration type, so the rod friction is much small.
2. It can perform serial vane test by direct press-in. And it is also available for a test using a bottom of borehole.
3. Torque measuring can be selected and done from small capacity to large capacity comparatively.
4. Every material is Stainless steel, and it means it is hard to be rusted.

Portable type Double tube Penetration Vane Tester DO-1051
In-situ site shearing strength measuring of Soft cohesive soil
Effective measuring depth: 5m
1. Vane: Stainless steel(SUS304), Thickness 1.5mm
Cross typr: Width: 30mm, Height 60mm and Width: 50mm, Height: 100mm
2. Extension rod: Double tube typr for Penetration & Measurement
   Outer tube: Dia.17.3mm X 50cm 10pcs.
   Inner tube: Dia.10mm X 50cm 10pcs.
Ball bearing type Centerlizer: 1pc.
3. Pressing head:Scale board:Range 0 to 360 deg. Minimum scale: 1deg.
Static pressing handle: Full length 430mm, For fixing of outer tube with sliding cuck
4. Monkey wrench 150mm 2pcs, Carrying case 1pc.
5. Torque driver or Torque wrench
(As your request, it will be arranged. Plese contact us.)