Extreme ccuracy & durability with Single gear cam system!


1. This very simple new system makes possible to do the rammer's ideal free falling without any compaction error due to the specimen's viscosity.
QDEvery compaction is done automatically. Mould rotation & shift to center, and preset for the number of times of compaction.
Standard Type@Model No. DAA-102 (Conforms to JIS A 1210T)
Model No. Standard type DAA-102
(Conforms to JIS A 1210T)
Rammer Dia.50mm, Interchangeable of 2.5kgf & 4.5kgf
Dropping heightl 30cm and 45cm, 2-steps change
Number of times Automatic stop by optional automatic counter preset
Speed 35times/min.
Automatic compaction pattern 1time center compaction after 8 times circular side compaction by table rotation and shift to the center.
Suitable Mould 2 kinds: For Dia.10cm & Dia.15cm
Electric Power AC200V, 3 phase, 0.4kw
Dimensions W40~D70~H215cm
Weight Approx. 150kg
* Large type Model No. DAA-104A and DAA-104B are available.