Unsaturated Soil Triaxial Test Apparatus


This compact designed triaxial test apparatus with multi-function is used for Unsaturated soil triaxial test.
Certainly, it can do Saturated soil triaxial test.

Unsaturated Soil Triaxial Test Apparatus@DTC-483
Feature:Water line of pedestal including pore water pressuretransducer has few volume changes and has a structure which can exhaust easily. Therefore, it can check a very small change of the porewater pressure by taking de-airedwaterarranged by the main unit.
As the loading frame is single supporting column, it can do setting of specimen and test with no trouble.
Mechanical jack takes ball screw. And it can do smooth driving with very small torque.
No vibration to the table because it takes small DC servo motor. It can set wide speed range.
Specimen size Dia.50mm X 100mmH
Loading capacity of loading frame 5kN
Loading speed 0.004 to 2.0mm/min. Stepless variable type
Speed indicator Digital actual speed display type
Loading frame Single spporting column. Max. loading: 10kN
Driving motor DC servo motor 40W
Vertical loading Stress control, Bellofram cylinder (capacity: 2kN) type
Confining pressure Max. 1MPa
Volume meter Double tube burette type, 25ml,
With differential pressure transducer
External voume. meter Inner cell type, 25ml, With differential pressure transducer
Ceramic filter AEV=200kPa (standard)