High-Low Tempaerature & High Pressure Triaxial Apparatus


It actualized compact design and high pressure, high loading & high accuracy.
In addition to, it is attached importance to safety (Upper/Lower limit switch) & simple operation.

High-Low Temperature & High Pressure Triaxial Apparatus
Model No. DTC-495
Wide Temperature Range:
High temperature (+200oC) - Low temperature (-35oC)
High Pressure:
Confining pressure (Max.): 10 to 80MPa
Vertical Axial Strength:Max. 100 to 500kN
Specimen Size:
Dia. 30mm to 50mm
UU Test (Unconsolidated & Undrained condition)
CD Test (Consolidated & Drained condition)
CU Test (Consolidated & Undrained condition)
CU Test + Measuring of Pore water pressure value
Creep test
As your request (temperature, pressure and specimen size, etc.), we will manufacture DTC-495 taking above specification.
For example,
Temperature range
1. The normal temperature to +200oC
2. -35oC to the normal temperature
3. -35oC to 200oC