(For Dynamic Test & Static Test)


It can perform both Dynamic triaxial test by pneumatic servo control & Static triaxial test by strain control.
Static Test: Mechanical jack type, Stable loading speed
Dynamic Test: Pneumatic servo type, Simple operation & Easy maintenance

TRIAXIAL TESTING APPARATUS (For Dynamic Test & Static Test)
Model No. DTC-367

1.Consolidation test: Isotropic consolidation test & Anisotropic consolidation test
2.Static triaxial test: Strain controller (Speed controller)
3. Dynamic triaxial test
3-1 Dynamic strength test: Liquefaction test, Dynamic strength test and other dynamic test by external input (With BNC terminal)
3-2 Dynamic deformation character test

Vertical loading unit with Air & Water panel Vertical loading: Electric strain control (0.004 - 2mm/min, Stepless variable type) Loading capacity: Max. 10kN
Vertical loading: Stress control (Bellofram cylinder type, Capacity 2kN)
Confining & Back pressure loadings: 0 - 1MPa, Monitor pressure gauge Dia.100mm, 1MPa
Volume change meter: Double tube burette type (25ml)
Master gauge: Dia.200mm, 1000kPa, 1/500 divisions
Triaxial Cell Specimen size: Dia.50mmx100mmH (I)t can be applied to Dia.75mmX150mmH at optional.)
Confining pressure: Max. 1MPa, Cylindrical clear acryl made
Axial loading: Max. 5kN (With water-pressureproof load cell 2kN)
Piston: Double bellofram cylinder type for Isotropic consolidation
Pneumatic Sine Loader Loading FB control by Electric-Pneumatic servo type
Vibration frequency: 0.001 - 1Hz
Loading wave: Sine wave (With BNC terminal for external input of seismic waves, etc.)
Setting of Load: Static bias & Dynamic loadings: 1000-divisions potentiometer type
Loading number of times: Preset type with 6 figures digital counter
Pneumatic pressure: 1MPa
Electric measuring unit Inner load cell: 2kN (Water-pressureproof type), Others are available. (Option)
Vertical displacement transducer: 30mm (Dial gauge), 50mm(CDP-50)
Small displacement transducer: +/- 1mm
Pore water pressure transducer: 1MPa
Confining transducer: 1MPa
Volume change meter: 25ml
Amplifiers suitable for the above transducers: 6ch.
Cabinet: Standard floor type with casters
Accessories Split type mould for cohesionless soil for Dia.50mmx100mmH
Universal trimmer for cohesive soil
Miter box Dia.50mmx100mmH, Rubber membrane Dia.50mm
Option Air compressor, Vacuum pump
PC, Printer, A/D converter (Input termial, 16ch.) & Software for DTC-367