Torsional Triaxial Test Apparatus


Hollow torsional test is seeking the dynamic deformation character, formally, it means Cyclic torsional with hollow cylindrical specimen to each the soil deformation character
And it can do several kinds of soil test, for example, Liquefaction strength test, search the soil strength after the liquefaction with taking large revolving stroke, etc.
As the feature of this apparatus, the hydraulic servo control makes possible to do excellent following-up to the stress level of purpose compared with usual pneumatic type.Regarding the pressure control of Triaxial cell, vertical pressure and lateral pressure are done independently. It makes possible to do flexible response from Isotropic consolidation to Anisotropic consolidation.
As many options are available, it can be upgrade this apparatus to corespond to every testing method.

Torsional Dynamic Triaxial Apparatus, EH Servo Type DTC-199


Smooth waveforms and accurate feedback can be done because this vibration apparatus is worked by Electric- Hydraulic servo control.

As triaxial cell's piston takes no-packing type air bush piston,there is only very small friction. It makes possible to do small loading & measurement.
As the torque and vertical load are in a body and it has a water pressureproof construction, both torque and vertical load of the specimen can be measured directly in the triaxial cell.

Each water system is protected against air mixing, not to mention Vacuum type de-aired water making apparatus. Especially, back pressure generating system is arranged concentrated protection against air mixing.

Besides, carbon dioxide ventilator, etc. which are effective to sandy soil are available.

Test Condition Consolidation Condition Isotropic & Anisotropic Consolidation
Cyclic Torsional Shearing Test Liquefaction strength test, deformation character test (Stress control of Sine, Triangle & Rectangle waves and random wave by external input). But, random wave is used for Strain control test.
Constitution   Vertical Loading & Torsional LoadingApparatus Frame capacity
Vertical 10kN, Torsional 5kN・cm
for Vertical loading : Pneumatic actuator 2kN
Torsional load: Hydraulic actuator 2kN,  with Servo valve
Hollow Torsional  Triaxial Compression Cell Specimen size: dia.100Xdia.60X100mm
                     (Standard size)
Max. Vertical load: 2kN
Lateral pressure (usual use): 800kN/m2
Torque load cell, Equipped with Angle displacement transducer
Air bush piston, No-packing type
Hydraulic Generator Motor 3.7kw, 200V, 3 phases, Pressure 10MPa
Delivery 13L/min. Tank capacity 100L
Cooling of Oil temperature: Air cooling type
Electric-Measurement Apparatus          Torque Load Cell Waterproof type, Inner load cell
Vertical: From 1kN to 5kN
Torsional: From 1kN-cm to 5kN-cm
Vertical load: From 1kN to 5kN
Angle Displacement Transducer (Large) +/- 20o
Small Angle Displacement Transducer Gap sensor +/- 1o
Pore Water Pressure Transducer 1MPa
Lateral Pressure gauge 1MPa
Vertical Displacement Transducer 20mm
Volume Change Apparatus Double tube Burette 25ml
 (Combination with Differential pressure convertor)
Servo Controller Frequency  From 0.01to 10Hz
waveform Sine, Triangle, Rectangle & with External input terminal
With Slope generator input circuit
Feedback switching apparatus Torque, Angle displacement
Dynamic Strain Amplifier For Vertical load cell, Vertical displacement transducer, Inner torque load cell, For Small angle displacement x2, Large angle displacement, Pore water pressure, Lateral pressure, Volume change apparatus
Accessories    Electric Compressor Package type, Motor 200V 3 phase
Subsidiary Tank 83L
Air drier Compressed air drier, frrezing type
AC 100V motor 75W
Electric Vacuum Pump For making of De-aired water  50L
For double vacuum control 20L
Besides, many accessaries are avaiable.