Constant Rate Consolidation Test Apparatus


In case of Consolidation test by JIS A 1217 and JSF T 411 which are general used as Standard consolidation test, it needs approx. 10 days for completion of one specimen test.

However, Constant Rate Consolidation Test has some merits, for example, it can be completed for a short time andcan get serial dataMoreover, in case of consolidation test taking a soft specimen like very soft clay which needs to load with no shock, some case must be done with  Constant rate Consolidation Apparatus.

Constant Rate Strain Consolidation Apparatus DTC-182U3

Constant Rate Strain Consolidation Test Apparatus is an epoch-making apparatus, because it can complete usual consolidation test in an  extreme short time.

This photograph shows set up condition of 3range of DTC -182.
In this case, it can set up required number, 3range or 4 range meeting your demand.

And, Data acquisition & Report writing software to plural testing apparatuses can be prepaired.

Main Specification
Loading Apparatus Loading ability : 2000kgf
Loading Speed : From 0.0004 to 0.2 mm/min
Power source : AC100V DC Servo Motor
Speed Display : Digital type
With Over load preventive Automatic Stoppe
Cylinder for Stress control Low friction Belloframe type, Ability:300kgf/Pneumatic pressure/7kgf/cm2
Consolidation Receptacle All Stainless steel made
Specimen Size: dia. 60×20mm
Piston seal part:Bellofram type
Axial Loading 1500kgf  Consolidation Stress 51.2kgf/cm2
Transducer Load Cell :1000kgf
Displacement Transducer:10mm
Pore Water Pressure Transducer:2kgf/cm2
With Back pressure loading apparatus
Amplifier General use type Strain Amplifier 3ch