Soil Testing Apparatus

Physical Test

Water content test Thermostatic drier
(Small size, Middle Size, Large Size)
Grain size analysis Grain Size Analysis
Test Sieves
Liquid limit test Manual type Liquid Limit Apparatus
Motorized Liquid Limit Apparatus
Fall Cone Liquid Limit Apparatus
Plastic limit test Plastic Limit Testing Set
Sand minimum density test Minimum Density Test Apparatus
Sand maximum density Test Maximum Density Test Apparatus

Permeability Test

Falling head permeability test Falling Head Permeability Test Apparatus
Constant head permeability test Constant Head Permeability Test Apparatus

Penetration Test

Cone penetration test Portable type Single tube Cone Penetration Test Apparatus
Portable type Double tube Cone Penetration Test Apparatus
Vane test Hand Vane (In situ type)
Portable Type Penetration Vane Tester
Portable Type Double Tube Penetration Vane Tester
Swedish penetration test Swedish Penetration Testing Apparatus

Consolidation Test

Lever type consolidation test Standard Capacity Frame Type Consolidation Test Apparatus
High Capacity Frame Type Consolidation Test Apparatus
Pneumatic consolidation test Standard Capacity Pneumatic Consolidation Test Apparatus
High Capacity Pneumatic Consolidation Test Apparatus
Middle Size Consolidation Test Apparatus
Automatic consolidation test Automatic Pneumatic Consolidation Test Apparatus
Special consolidation test Constant Rate Strain Testing Apparatus
Pre-consolidation test Pre-Consolidation Testing Apparatus
Soil Mixer

Shear Test

Simple shear test Simple Shear Testing Apparatus
(Simple Shear)
Cyclic Simple Shear Testing Apparatus
Direct shear test Direct Shear Testing Apparatus @(Manual type, Automatic type)
Ring type shear test Ring Shear Test Apparatus

Unconfined Compression Test

Low capacity Light weight type Unconfined Compression Test Apparatus
High capacity High Capacity type Unconfined Compression Test Apparatus

Triaxial Test

Control Classification Static triaxial test Static Triaxial Test Apparatus
Cyclic triaxial test Cyclic Triaxial Test Apparatus
(Hydraulic type)
Triaxial Testing Apparatus
(For Dynamic Test & Static Test)

(Pneumatic type)
Confining Pressure Capacity Classification Con. pressure abovePlPa Medium Capacity Triaxial Test Apparatus
Con. pressure above TlPa High Capacity Triaxial Test Apparatus
Specimen Size Classification Specimen dia. abovePO Middle Triaxial Test Apparatus
Specimen dia. above QO Large Triaxial Apparatus (Static, Dynamic)
Unsaturated specimen Unsaturated Soil Triaxial Test Apparatus
Rock (Con. pres. above 20MPa) Rock Triaxial Test Apparatus
Temperature & Pressure High-Low temperature & high pressure High-Low Temparature & High Pressure Triaxial Apparatus

Torsional Triaxial Test

Torsional hollow triaxial test Hydraulic Servo Type
Pneumatic Servo Type
Megatorque Motor Type

Stability Test

Compaction test Automatic Soil Compactor
Large Size Automatic Soil Compactor
CBR test CBR Test Apparatus
Specimen Forming Device For Cohesive soil Various kinds of Cylindrical Specimen forming device for Cohesive soil
Miter Box, Straight Edge, Wire Saw
For Cohesionless soil (Sand) Various kinds of Round type Specimen forming device for Cohesionless soil


Bender Element
Bender Element
Bender Element
Shaking Table
Various kinds of shaking table Compact Shaking Table,Pulse motor control type
Electric Compact Shaking Table
Non-step variable amplitude type
Sampler Various kinds of sampler Hand Auger
Composite Sampler
Thin Walled Sampler
Sand Sampler
Sample Extruding Apparatus Various kinds of sample extruding apparatus Horizontal Sample Extruder, Manual type
Vertical Sample Extruding Apparatus, Electric type & Hydraulic prerssure type

Centrifuge Test

Length of arm radius: Approx.  50cm Small size Centrifuge Apparatus
Length of arm radius: Approx.  1.3m Middle size Centrifuge Apparatus
Length of arm radius: Approx.  3m Large Size Centrifuge Apparatus

Model Container

Static loading model Round shape type,  Rectangular type, etc.
Centrifuge loading model Laminar Type, Solid Wall Type

Liquefaction Simulator

Container's diameter above 50cm Large Size Liquefaction Simulator
Container's dia. less than 50cm Small size Liquefaction Simulator
Electric type Electric type Liquefaction Simulator
Manual type Manual type Liquefaction Simulator
Temperature Controller Temperature control by Cooling unit/Heater For the inside of triaxial cell, etc. (option)

Measuring Software

For Unconfined Compression Test

Axial Test Software

For Triaxial Test

Static Triaxial Test Software
Cyclic Triaxial Test Software


Load Cell

Water Pressureproof Load cell
Torque Loade Cell (for Torsional Test)


Various kinds of LDT