This is Data acquisition & Report writing Software of Triaxial Test corresponding to Windows 98 & NT4.0 used with Static Triaxial Test Apparatus. (Daisoku Co., Ltd. products)

  • Simultaneous corresponding to plural range triaxial test apparatuses, 3 range & 4 range, etc.
    Even if Consolidation and Shear tests are done separately with plural triaxial chambers, this software can do Data acquisitions by only one PC simultaneously. That is, in case of setting intervals of the start in Consolidation test and in case that Shearing test is done with one triaxial chamber simultaneously with Consolidation test is done with another triaxial chamber, simultaneous processings are possible,
  • All Basic Static Tests can be supported.
    4 kind of tests, UU,CU,CU-Bar (Pore Water Pressure Measuring) & CD test are possible.
    In addition, other tests can be supported. (Option)
  • Simple Windows Operation
    Easy operation. You just select required test item, and  follow the display message.
  • Fine Report Writing
    Report is printed  with laser printer.
    And, in case of under the processing number of specimen at a time, every test can be selected and written freely.
Main Specification
Corresponding PC Model DOS/V & NX 、PC-9821
Operation Environment Windows98 & NT4.0 (English version)
Resolution : Above 800×600 is recommended.
Printer Laser Printer which can be operated withWindows98 & NT4.0.
Data Acquisition TDS-303 (Data Acquisition with RS-232C) or Acquiring the output voltage from General use type Strain Amplifier with AD Board.
Corresponding Test Item
  1. Non-Consolidation Undrainage Test
  2. Consolidation Undrainage Test
  3. Consolidation Undrainage (Pore Water Pressure Measuring)Test
  4. Consolidation Drainage Test
Reporting Form
  1. Initial Condition, Consolidation Process
  2. Axial  Compression Process 
  3. Initial Condition Consolidation Value−Time Curve
  4. Stress−Strain Curve
  5. Strength Character (Including line is automatic processed with taking approximation fomula.)
Screen Shot
Consolidation Test Display
Shearing Test Display
The above sampling windows is displayed and executed  at every one specimen.  And  it correspons to olural numbers' asynchronous testing schedule.
Making Report Printing Preview Display