This software corresponding to Windows 95 & Windows 98 is used for Cyclic Triaxial Test Apparatus. (Daisoku Co. Ltd. product)
If you take this software,Sampling & Data processing of StaticECyclic Triaxial Test can be done automatically.

  • Simple Operation
    Just follow the display message.Regarding the sampling in Cyclic test, it is started automatically after making a check of  loading start of the apparatus.
  • It can support the maximum number of sampling wave until ‚P‚O‚O‚O waves in Liquefaction Strength Test.
  • Data smoothing Processing
    It can do Data smoothing processing of each wave gotten by Liquefaction Strength Test and  Deformation Test.
  • Real time display of Testing condition
    Not to mention Wave display on the test, in case of Deformation test, relational diagrams between Axial strain-Equivalent Young's modulus, -Damping modulus which are used effectively for confirmation of setting stress at going next step,  and Each value List are renewed and displayed forevery step completion.
  • Actualization of an accurate sampling speed independing of Hardware processing speed
    Sampling speed independ ing of Hardware processing speed is ensured by taking Memory built-in type A/D conversion board.
  • Simple Report writing -  Only select Test data
    Stress deviator to each DA and the number of load in Liquefaction test are calculated automatically.
    In case of Deformation test, it computes Young's modulus & Damping ratio values and converts the value to Shear modulus value. And it does the regularization of G0 and makes the relational diagram between G/G0-ƒÁautomatically. 
    (But,  it can computes Shear modulus and ƒÁ values only in case of undrainage test with saturated specimen.j
  • Correspodence to use of LDT in Deformation Test iOptionj
    It can correspond to strain computation in case of LDT use. And it can corespond to simultaneous use of gap sensor and LDT, too.

Besides, you can add and change the functions in accordance with each test aparatus.

Main Specification
Corresponding Model DOS/V & NX APC-9821
Environment Condition Windows95 & Windows98 (English Version)
Recommended Resolution: Above 800~600
Printer Laser printer can be worked with Windows95 & Windows98
Data Acquisition Voltage Data is acquired by CONTEC AD12-16U(PCI)E.
Testing Item
  1. Static Triaxial Test
  2. Liquefaction Strength Test
  3. Deformation Test
Report Form Static Triaxial Test
  1. Initial Condition, Consolidation Process
  2. Axial Compression Process
  3. Initial Condition Consolidation Value - Time Curve
  4. Stress|Strain Curve
  5. StrengthiIncluding line is automatic calculated with taking approximation formula.j


Liquefaction Strength Test
  1. Testing Condition, Initial Condition
  2. Initial & Consolidation Condition
  3. Wave Record
  4. Effective Stress path
  5. Stress Ratio|Repeating number
Deformation Test
  1. Testing condition, Initial & Consolidation Condition
  2. Loading process, Wave record
  3. Eeq,h - (ƒÃa)sa Relation Diagram
  4. Geq,h - (ƒÁ)sa Relation Diagram
  5. History Roop List
  6. G/G0 - ƒÁ Relation diagram
Screen shot
Liquefaction Strength Test@   Condition before Start Liquefaction Strength Test@@Print Preview of Report writing
Deformation Test@  Condition after one step completion Deformation Test@  Print Preview of  Report writing