Large Size Liquefaction Simulator


It is used for simulating anearthquake liquefactional phenomenon.
It's seldom experienced phenomenon, but you can understand the liquefactional phenomenon easily by direct watching of this simulation.
In addition to, it excites your interest in Soil tests
This apparatus has been purchased, for the most part, by various civil engineering laboratories.

* The simulation process can be seen easily due to the clear acryl  made soil container.
* Container size. etc. are changeable in accordance with your requests.
* In case of Full automatic type, the preparation of Water Supply/Drainage, etc. ,
   Liquefactional  reproduction and after adjustment can be done automatically.
* The simulator shows several phenomenon simply, for example, falling down miniature
   buildings placed on the sand ground's surface, falling of large specific gravity things and
   coming of light specific gravity things.
Main Specification
Container We have several design (square type, round type, etc.) & size containers, We will design it in accordance with your request. The following photograph shows the case of diameter 80cm container.
Loading Frequency Maximum: Approx. 3Hz
The above is presented by Tokyo Fire Department, Honjo-Bousaikan.