* Excellent response
New developed pulse motor system can get more quick response than old control system.The new system can realize full ability of pulse motor and get more powerful excitation force.It can reproduce faithfully seismic wave and get more large amplitude.
Excitation force is more than 1000gal.
Max. frequency is 20Hz.
* Compact and simple design & Low cost
Compared with usual servo system, it has good cost performance. It can run without Hydraulic pump & Air compressor.It works with household electric power and can be set up anywhere because of the compact design and noiseless working. It is however required to fix its base firmly on the floor with anchor bolts. to get maximum performance.
* Multi functional control software
It has function to put in K−NET seismic waves or arbitrary waves produced by EXCEL and make the table shake according to the waveform.. And the new feature to free control play time and amplitude of arbitrary waveform is added.
The step control is also added. It can make program to adjust sine wave frequency, amplitude and number of times by steps and shake the table automatically.

Compact Shaking Table, Pulse motor Control, Model No.DUB-233A、233B、233C

Compact Shaking Table Model No. DUB-233A
Table dimensions 400 x 250 mm
Height 107mm
Loading capacity
Exciting displacement +/- 40mm
Control Pulse motor control type
Exciting force More than 1000gal (Depends on the payload)
Consisting of electric power section, controlling section and driving section.
Dimensions 300W x 130H x 300D mm
Communication RS232C
Electric power AC100V, about500W
DA Unit &
Wave controlling software「Wave Controller」appended.
Seismic wave Arbitrary wave. K-NET seismic wave. Possible to change amplitude and time axis.
Sine wave Frequency range 0.01〜20.00Hz, Amplitude range: Settable up to above amplitude.
Step control
Max. 20,000 steps. Possible to set frequency, amplitude and number of times