1. It has
excellent practicality and durability with taking the simplest structure.
2. This piston rod clamp is the split cone type, and which is more excellent to stop piston upward movement than the usual ball cone type. And it never take in the disturbed soil in the bottom of the bore hole before sampling.
3. It can pull up only Piston rod previously after sampling.
4. It has preventive joint piston rod falling and vacuum releasing screw.

Thin Wall Sampler, Stationally Piston Type@DS-15

It is used for Sampling of Undisturbed cohesive soil in the bottom of the bore hole.
Sampler Head, Stainless steel made
Suitable Thin Wall Tube Inner Diameter: 75mmX100cm
Boring Rod JIS, 40.5mm
Piston Rod Diameter 16mmX150cm, Screw M12
Thin Wall Tube, Stainless steel made *Your required numbers of thin wall tube is available.
Inner Diameter: 75mm, Length: 100cm