1.Simple handling:It is just same of usual Thin wall sampler.
2. It has Composity type Sample tube: It acturizesConspicuous durability. In addition to, it is suitable forsampling stiff soils excepting sand.


Sand Sampler (Core Catcher Type) DS-20A

Model Fixed piston type, Core catcher prevents from specimen's falling down
Catching Specimen Size Diameter: 68.3mm, Effective length 75cm
Outer Tube Boring Rod Screw Dia.40.5mm
Piston Rod Dia.16mm  Extension screw M12
Materials All Stainless steel made
1. Sand Sampler Main Body  (Consisting of Piston, Sampler Head, Piston Rod)
2. Sampler Tube
3. Core Catcher
4. Shoe
Note: You can order the above parts at your required numbers.