It can cover wide range purposes, e.g., underground survey, sampling representative samples, in preliminary soil research and pit excavation of construction, boring of draining hole, etc.
Excepting rock mass, it can be used for all kinds of soils with taking suitable augers.

1. It requiresno power sources, has agood portability(light enough to carry by one man) &simple operation.
2.It can doboring & picking of all kinds of soilswith taking suitable augers.
3. It can dosampling undisturbed soils with taking other sampler together & can do prompt judge on underground soils.

Hand Auger, SS-S-201A

Hand Auger Universal Type,SS-S-201B
Only clockwise turn is effective. Both clockwise & counter-clockwise turns are effective.
Various Edge of Auger
Post Hall Auger Screw Auger Gravel Auger Spiral Auger
Closed type
SS-S-202 SS-S-203 SS-S-204 SS-S-205
Chopping Bit Gravel Catcher Slimer Box Auger
SS-S-206 SS-S-207 SS-S-208 SS-S-209
* For details, please check the catalog.