Ring Shearing Test Apparatus

It is used for investigating the soil characters of shearing strength and deformation.
Set the thin ring specimen in each shearing ring at the upper and the lower. Keeping the vertical stress load, fix the upper. Then, execute the rotary shearing of the lower.
It can make extreme big deformation over the maximum shearing strengthbecause of the rotary shering of the ring specimen.
Especially,it is very suitable to measure residual strength of over consolidationclayfor thinking about"Big deformation in long termifor example, landslide, etc.j"

Ring Shearing Test Apparatus@DTA-138
It can measure the Side Friction between specimen and ring accurately with taking ingenious measuring system .
In addition to, it can load and measure the stress accuratelybecause every rotary section takes Ball bearing system., etc.
Main Specification
Specimen Size Dia. 150X Dia.100Xt20mm, Sectional area 98.16cm2
(or Dia.100~dia.60~t20mm  Sectional Area@50.3cm2 is possible at your request)
Shearing Torque 40 N-m
Consolidation Loading 500kPa
Rotatory Shearing Speed 2.0 - 0.004mm/min. at the specimen central diameter
Shear Torque 2kN
Vertical displacement D.G. transducer 20mm  1/100
Side friction load cell 1kN
Vertical loading  load cell 5kN
OPTION Data logger
Specimen consolidation apparatus DAC-193
Specimen setting former