@500N - 5kN


*2MPa Water pressure proof: It can measure a load with no influence of water pressure in the water. It also has no influence of a change of water pressure. Therefore, you can acquire the measuring value directly without any pressure compensation.Measuring can be done in the oil.
* This is the best load cell for loading measurement on triaxial test, etc. Because the water pressureproof system makes it possible to measure the loading with no influence of the friction of Triaxial cell piston.

Model No. Capacity
LP-50 500N
LP-100 1kN
LP-200 2kN
LP-500 5kN
LP-1T 10kN
LP-2T 20kN
LP-5T 50kN
Accuracy +/- 0.2% RO
Nonlinearity +/- 0.2% RO
Hysteresis +/- 0.1% RO
Rated Output 2mV/V
Water-pressureproof 2MPa
Pressure influence of Output 0.3% RO
Maximum permissible temperature limit From -20 to 80 oC
Temperature compensating range From -10 to 70oC
Temperature influence at zero point +/- 0.005%@RO/oC
Temperature influence of output +/- 0.01%/oC