This apparatus is used for seeking the shearing strength & the deformation character of large size specimens including gravel (maximum grain size is 70mm), Earth dam and other Filling materials, by Static and Dynamic triaxial tests.


Universal Type (Dynamic & Static Combined Use)
*In case of Universal type, Cyclic triaxial test is perfect compatible with Static triaxial test without mutual contradictions.
*Electro-Hydraulic Servo System makes the combined use of Stress control & strain control possible.
*Cyclic Load: Both Dynamic deformation test & Liquefactional test from 0.1 to 10Hz are possible with the equipped generator.
*Static Loading: Stable loading with large speed range can be done with Slope generator.
*Electric upper lifting type is available. In this case, lifting of the upper makes an interval of the top and the bottom freely on the test.

Static Type
*It can be driven by 3.75kw small hydraulic pump.

*Main parts of Triaxial cell are full stainless steel made and light weight construction. Disassembly & Setup can be done easily with the equipped crane by only one worker.
*Lateral pressure apparatus is Back pressure saturating console type, consisting of the ingenious piping of Pneumatic pressure, Water pressure & Vacuum systems.Precision Bourdon tube gauge and Precision regulator are equipped with.
*Large size Double tube type Volume change apparatus is equipped for Volume change measurement. It can do high quality measurement with Differential pressure transducer.

Specimen Size Dia. 300x600, Dia. 200x400mm in combined use
Loading Capacity 600kN
Loading Measurement Load Cell  50kN
Displacement Measurement Displacement Transducer@100mm, 200mm
KIND TYPE Universal Type (Dynamic & Static Common Use) Static type

Universal Type

Static type

Several variations in accordance with equipped devices are possible, please contact us.