Light Weight type Unconfined Compression Test Apparatus


Movable upper makes possible to be set itself in accordance with the specimen height. Light weight, Compact & Easy handling design. Smooth & Accurate loading speed can be changed optionaly. Simple & Sure system.

Specimen Size From dia.35X80 until  dia.70X40mm
Loading Capacity 5kN
Loading Measurement Load cell or Proving ring 500N, PkN or 2kN
Displacement Measurement Dial gauge i1/100X30mmj or Electric output type displacement transducer
Size & Weight W21,H69,D30cm, Approx. 20kg
Apparatus Kind Type Stepless variable speed type
Model. DTB-100D
Loading Speed From 0.2 to 2mm/min
Loading System Electric control type, Power source AC100V  50/60Hz
* We can manufacture High capacity Unconfined compression test apparatus (Capacity: 20kN, 50kN).
Unconfined Compression Test Apparatus
With Data Acquisition Apparatus


Unconfined Compression Test Apparatus