Hydraulic Type Multifunction Vibration Triaxial Test Apparatus


This vibration triaxial test apparatus can do multiple tests, for example, Liquefaction strength test, Soil deformation character test, etc. and usual Static triaxial test.
As the feature of this apparatus, the hydraulic servo control makes possible to do excellent following-up to the stress level of purpose compared with usual pneumatic type.Regarding the pressure control of Triaxial cell, vertical pressure and lateral pressure are done independently. It makes possible to do flexible response from Isotropic consolidation to Anisotropic consolidation.
As many options are available in the same way as usual static triaxial test apparatus, it can be upgrade this apparatus to corespond to every testing method.

As many options are available in the same way of usual Static triaxial test apparatus, it can be upgrade this apparatus to correspond to every teting method.

Majoy testing item
        * General Static Triaxial Tests
        * Liquefactional Strength Test
        * Deformation Character Test
        * Volumetric strain test with Constant mean principal stress condition
        * Several kinds fatigue tests

Hydraulic type Multi Function Vibration Triaxial Test Apparatus

This is Electric-Hydraulic servo control vibration apparatus, and it makes Smooth waveforms and accurate feedback surely.

Each water system is protected against air mixing, not to mention Vacuum type de-aired water making apparatus. Especially, back pressure generating system is arranged concentrated protection against air mixing.

Many kinds of Saturating method are possible. Double loading saturation is available,which is effective measuring to saturated soil especially.

Besides, carbon dioxide ventilator , etc. which
are effective to  sandy soil are available.

Testing Condition Consolidation condition Isotropic and Anisotropic Consolidation
Static triaxial compression test Shearing by Shearing test by strain control
Constant mean principal stress test by strain control
Dynamic triaxial compression test Liquefactional strength test, Deformation character test (Stress control of  Sine wave, Triangle wave, Rectangle wave and random wave by external input). But, Random wave is for only Strain control test.
Constitution Vertical Loading Apparatus Frame capacity 5ton (with Electric chain block for pulling up the medium capacity traxial cell)
Hydraulic pressure actuator 2kN, 10kN with Servo valve
Electric strain control type compression apparatus Max. : 50kN, From max 2.00mm/min to 0.002mm/min
  Triaxial Cell Small capacity Suitable specimen Dia.50x100, Dia.75x150mm
Max. vertical loading: 5kN, Usual use of lateral pressure 800kN/m2
Load cell built-in type
Double bellofram cylinder for Isotropical pressure type
Medium capacity triaxial cell: Suitable specimen Dia.100x200
Max. vertical load 20kN, Usual use of lateral pressure 800kN/m2
Load cell built-in type
Double Bellofram cylinder for Isotropical pressure type
  Hydraulic Generator Motor 3.7kW 200V 3phase Pressure 10MPa
Delivery 13L/min  Tank capacity 100L
Cooling of Oil temperature: Air cooling type
Electric Measuring Apparatus Load cell Waterproof type Inner load cell From 1kN to10kN
External load cell  5kN、10kN
  Small displacement apparatus Gap sensor +/- 1mm
  Pore water pressure gauge 1MPa
  Lateral pressure gauge 1MPa
  Vertical displacement meter 50mm
  Volume change apparatus Double tube burette 25ml
 (Combination use with Differential pressure transducer)
  Servo controller Frequency: From 0.01 to 10Hz
Wave: Sine, Triangle and  Rectangle waves,  With external input terminal
with Slope generator input cdircuit
  Feedback switching apparatus Loading, Axial displacement
  DC Amplifier 4 ch. : For Inner load cell, Axial displacement, Small displacement x  2
  Dynamic strain amplifier 8ch. :  For  External load cell, Inner load cell,  Axial displacement, Small displacement x 2, Pore water pressure, Lateral pressure, Volume change aparatus
Data Acquisition A/D conversion board CONTEC AD12-16U(PCI)E
  Software Windows95 & Windows98 corresponding Software
Accessories Electric compressor Package type, Motor 200V 3 phase
Subsidiary Tank 83L
  Air Drier Cold strage type compressed air dryer unit, AC100V Motor 75W
  Electric Vacuum Pump For making of De-aired water 50L
For Double negativ pressure control 20L
  Besides, many accessories are available.