Liquid Limit Device     JISA1205:1999

1. Accurate mechanical structure and rich endurabity (DH-20 & DH-21)
2. A counter is attached to the cup assembly to count the number of cup drops. And you can concentrate upon the junction of grooves by cup drops.(DH-20 & DH-21)
3. It is designed to eliminate many human variables and to obtain more closely duplicate test results on the same soil by combining a small gear motor.(DH-21)
4. It takes compact design with a small and quiet motor, and has no vibration. (DH-21)

Manual type Liquid Limit Device
Model No. DH-20
Motorized Liquid Limit Device
Model No. DH-21
Common accessory:
Grooving tool DH-201 with gauge(1pc.)
Spatula DH-40(1pc.)

Specification (DH-21):
Cup drops speed: Two times per sec. (Japanese Industrial Standard degree)
Motor:: Small gear motor type, AC 100V