CBR Test Apparatus

FEATURE:This is precision compression apparatus driving Ball screw type mechanical jack with small DC servo motor. As it has Laboratory CBR and Compression plate, it can do both CBR test and Unconfined compression test .

CBR Testing Apparatus (Combination use for Unconfined compression test)
Model No. DTB-140A
APPLICATION: Laboratory CBR penetration test
             Unconfined compression test (Specimen size: Dia.50 x 100mmH to Dia. 100 x 200mmH)
Loading: Max. 50kN (5tonf)
Compression speed:2.0 to 0.004mm/min., Step-less variable type with digital setting
Manual handle: It makes speed 2mm/1 revolution
Speed Indicator: Digital indicator, direct reading type
Clutch: Electromagnetic clutch type
Motor: DC Servo motor 40W
Dimensions: W430xD380xH1055mm
Weight: Approx. 80kg

1) Load cell: Please let us know your required capacity.
        It is possible to combine direct reading with digital indicator and DC output.
2) Diaplacement transducer: Please let us know your required type

It is possible to use your proving ring or load cell.