Automatic Type Pneumatic Consolidation Test Apparatus


This is used for executing every process of consolidation test by PC with an exclusive programming.
To apply the consolidation pressure by supplying the pneumatic pressure of the electropneumatic convertors to the independent Bellofram cylinders. Then, connecting the load cell with the data logger makes consolidation pressure acquired in PC. And connecting the displacement transducer with the data logger makes the subside value acquired in PC.
Standard type consists of 3-Range Units. And the test can be done with setting different consolidation pressure value to each range respectively.

* Desired Consolidation pressurecan be set. Because the consolidation pressure is applied with supplying pneumatic pressure to the bellofram cylinders by the electropneumatic convertor. Accurate loading in wide rangecan be done by switching  both electropneumatic convertors,  low pressure type for small consolidation pressure test and high pressure type for high consolidation pressure test.
* Accurate loading can be done by the automatic calibration programming for the relation of pneumatic pressure and loading.
*Reliable data logger (Tokyo Sokki Kenkyujo, Co., Ltd) is taken for Data acquisition As every set of the data logger is done with PC, the operation is very simple.
* It can set the value of consolidation pressure to 3-Range freely.  That is, it can set different value to each range, and it can set the same value to all ranges.
*Accuratemeasuring of  the consolidation pressure and the subside value can be done with high quality load cell and displacement transducer.
3-Range Standard type unit is shown on your left.
3-Range High pressure type unit is shwon on your right.
Model No.

Standard type DAC-218

High pressure type  DAC-218H

Specimen Size Dia. 60 x 20mm (Common size)
Max. Consolidation Pres. 25.6 kgf/cm2 102.4kgf/cm2
Loading Measurement Load cell  10kN Load cell  50kN
Displacement Meas. Displacement Transducer  10mm
Outer Dimensions W1000 x D600 x H1410 W1200 x D600 x H1525