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Soil & Rock
Testing Apparatus
Fall Cone
Unconfined Compres. App.

High-Low Temp. High Pres. App.
Auto Consol. App.
Simple Shear tester
Ring Shear App.
Torsional Tri. App.
Cyclic Triaxial App.
Liquefaction simulator
Shaking table
Unsaturated Tri. App.
Load Cell
Centrifuge App.
We can construct several kinds of loading system, for example, Electric-Hydraulic Servo, Pneumatic Servo, Mechanical Servo, Electro-dynamic type, etc. And we can present some experience systems, for example, taking Air pressure/Water pressure, Hydraulic pressure.
Water-pressureproof Load cell
It takes more flexible cable than usual one.
Water pressure proof: 2MPa, Temperature: Max. 70oC
Torque-Load cell
NEW Compact shaking table,pulse motor control type
Excitation force of more than 1000gal
Max. frequency is 20Hz
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